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Urhobos Organize in D.C.

Courtesy of Urhobo Association of Washington, D.C.

In Nigeria, the Urhobo consist of 4 million people, representing 22 clans, primarily across Delta and Bayelsa States.

The need for an Urhobo Association in the metropolitan D.C. area arose after Emmanuel Akpovegbetain’s death in the summer of 1991. His death, and the task of sending Emmanuel’s remains to Nigeria for proper burial, warranted the collective efforts of his friends. While many Urhobos in the D.C. area did not know Emmanuel, his roommate Henry Ajagbawa, informed a few Urhobos of his death. Henry Ajagbawa, Gloria Uduka, Simeon Asaboro, Florence Okurume, and Lucky Ajueyetsi became actively involved in the difficult task of raising money to transport Emmanuel’s remains home. The experiences from this task demonstrated the need for a union of Urhobos to assist Urhobos in the area. Lucky Ajueyetsi hosted the first meeting at his residence in the winter of 1991. In the beginning, the interactive meetings provided an opportunity for Urhobos in attendance to socialize with each other.

If these are your people and you would like to socialize with the Urhobo, too, join us at the Biannual Unity Picnic on July 7.

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