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Promoting Peaceful Coexistence: The Itsekiri

The Biannual Unity Picnic is right around the corner--the only event in the DC Metro area the brings together the tribes of the Delta region of Nigeria for a fun filled day. This is the first installment of a series that will explain the groups responsible for the event. Today's feature is the Itsekiri.

The Itsekiri are represented by the Itsekiri National Association of the Washington-Baltimore, Consolidated Metropolitan Area (INA-WB, CMSA). In October 1996, INA-WB, CMSA was formalized and then registered as a non-profit entity in April 1998. The idea for INA-WB, CMSA grew out of the independent efforts of founding members, Mr. Gabriel Akuya and Mr. Hector Ayu, to seek out other Itsekiri in the Washington, DC area, in the mid-late 80’s. Find more information about how INA-WB, CMSA was formed.

The aim and focus of the association is to support, grow and assist Itsekiri’s locally and in Nigeria. INA-WB, CMSA accomplishes its aim through its mission, which is:

  • To promote/protect Itsekiri people, custom, culture, and values;

  • To promote cordiality and unity among Itsekiri sons and daughters;

  • To promote peaceful coexistence between Itsekiri and their hosts/neighbors;

  • To promote social and economic development among members and all Itsekiri.

If these are your people and you are in the DMV, join us at the Biannual Unity Picnic on July 7.

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